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Gotta Grab It Event!

I have been waiting for weeks to be able to show you a sneak peek of what will be released tomorrow! If you are not familiar with Gotta Pixel’s Gotta Grab It Event…. here is what you need to know….

There is one color swatch and each designer will create and design up to 8 packs each.
Then the best part is each pack is only $1!!

WHAT?!? Can you tell I am excited!?! It is so amazing to see how each designer takes the color swatch and designs with it! Here is what I cam up with, and you DEFINITELY need to go check out the store at Gotta Pixel for the FULL reveal!

Laurie’s Scraps & Designs


Gotta Pixel Chat – Take TWO!

I have to apologize to all those that showed up for my last chat. My car broke down on me and I was in the shop getting a new alternator and totally forgot about the chat! SOOO NOT COOL on my part! So.. to make up for it, I am doing another chat on Saturday at 5pm eastern, 3 pm mountain time. And because I dropped the ball and this is my take two at this chat, I am offering an extra special prize for you all that come and participate.

And because you all follow me on my blog, I will tell you what it is! It is a $2 coupon towards anything in my GP store and a freebie too!

Click image or here to go to chat room!

I am in the SPOTLIGHT!

I am in the designer spotlight over at Gotta Pixel. That means a SALE!!! 30% off everything from July 19th to the 28th!

But I have even better news. My #1 all time highest selling kit has been redone! Since I created the original kit, my styles have changed so much, so I decided to over haul my original. So, today I bring you the new and improved Magic Moments Remake kit! It is on sale at 20% off through the 28th.

Come back on Tuesday for some awesome add on packs!

Gotta Pixel
Laurie’s Scraps & Designs

And check out these layouts!

Dollar Days at Gotta Pixel!

┬áIt is Tuesday, and even though my newest kit does not have it’s full release until tomorrow, I am still having some $2 deals! But Just for today! So hurry over and grab them while you can!

Gotta Pixel

Tuesday $2 deals at Gotta Pixel!

Tuesday means great deals and new products at Gotta Pixel! take a look at the great deals this week!

Gotta Pixel

It is a Terrific Tuesday at Gotta Pixel!

Well it is almost Tuesday…. and I have some great news! Not only do I have some awesome product packs for you, but I also have some great deals! Take a look and make sure to stop by Gotta Pixel today to pick up these great deals!

Gotta Pixel

Tuesday Deals at Gotta Pixel!

One more day to get great deals during my sale!

It is almost Tuesday….. so that means a few more GREAT deals and a new release! Take a look! Only at Gotta Pixel!

Gotta Pixel Store

Terrific Tuesday Means Gotta Pixel Deals!

It is Tuesday and I have new deals for you over at Gotta Pixel! In addition to a new kit, I have two special kits marked down to just $2 for today only! These two kits have similar colors so you can mix and match easily, so be sure to go pick them up and have fun with the possibilities!

Gotta Pixel Store

Gotta Pixel Deals!

It is Tuesday, well almost…. so that means new deals at Gotta Pixel! I also have a great deal on my new release this week, and it is a special kit so check it out!

Gotta Pixel

Dollar Deals at Gotta Pixel!

It is Tuesday! That means more great deals from me! I have an awesome new release today and some great deals on older kits! Take a look!

Only at Gotta Pixel!