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Win It Friday Winner!!

Hello everyone. I saw Laurie posted a reminder of this on her Facebook page so I was waiting to given any last minute people a chance to enter before picking a name. I asked DH to pick a number this week. He chose number 2…..the winner this week is Kristen Norby. She says: “My 11 month old got ahold of one of my all time favorite books and ripped off the cover and back. She also got into the garbage and tore apart her diapers and loves to pull out all the clean clothes from the hamper. She is a stinker but we sure love her!”

No matter what they do you still love them to pieces.

Kristen be on the look out for an e-mail from Laurie with the coupon code.

Thanks everyone for playing and be sure to check out the kit, Little Monster. It is so cute 🙂


  1. Oh yay! I am so excited to use this kit!

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